Empowering youth

Ko te hītawetawe ki uta, ko te kāroaroa ki tai

 Ko tūkawikawi, ko tūkaiākiko

Tū rangatahi, tū rangatira


With the height of the mountains and the turbulent oceans   

We will challenge our youth physically and emotionally   

To grow and to stand for others

180 Degrees Trust


We run development programmes that utilise the natural environment to challenge youth physically and emotionally, equipping them with confidence, courage, respect and cooperation.

Southern Alps Traverse

Radio NZ National followed our 2020 –  180 Southern Alps Traverse team as they made there way over the alps.

Setting off from Christchurch and drive over to Hokitika.  We then begin to make our way back to New Brighton over 6 days, using a combination of mountain biking trails, hiking trails, private and publicly owned huts and rivers for jetboating, rafting and tubing.

Arriving back in Christchurch we celebrate the achievement with an award ceremony which all families and friends of 180 attend.

This challenge is about conquering your fears, pushing your limits to see what is possible. 

Building fitness begins eight weeks prior, to demonstrate the importance of working towards a goal and the benefits of increasing physical fitness.


To positively impact the lives of young people facing educational challenges, empower them to make wise decisions, foster pro-social behaviour, encourage personal growth, and inspire motivation. Through the establishment of meaningful connections with these individuals and leveraging the transformative power of the high country, we catalyse a remarkable transformation, nurturing a positive trajectory in their lives.

Adventure 180 is responsible for the planning, booking and delivery all of the adventures at 180 Degrees from multi-day camps across the Southern Alps, to overnights and single day adventures in Canterbury.


While we receive some government funding for our services and programmes, this does not cover the full cost of providing the interventions necessary to see a “turn around” in the lives of our young people.

We rely on your support and generosity.

We can not do it without you.