As managing trustee a typical day sees Jeremy liaising with his staff, projecting 180’s various philosophies and services to the public, NGOs and government agencies with whom 180 has partnerships. Fundraising, attending camps, overseeing expeditions or hatching new projects play a vital part in his life as 180 reaches out to those young people requiring assistance with personal leadership.

Jonny Waters


Jonny is an Artist, Muralist, Trained Art Teacher, Alternative
Education Teacher, Event Organiser and now a Youth Mentor/Coach for 180
Degrees Trust.

He is passionate about building positive relationships with youth and helping to encourage and support them on their journey to move
forward and fulfill their potential.

Jonny believes providing  youth with opportunities to engage
in a structured goal directed programme of activities and a knowledgeable
mentor to help them achieve the goals, is one of the best ways to build
confidence, resilience and self awareness.

‘I am excited to join the 180 team and help them continue the
important mahi they do within the Ōtautahi community and abroad”.

Mac Stephenson


Mac loves the outdoors and can be found fishing, skiing, climbing and exploring Canterbury with his dog, Nova, all throughout the year.

He has a post-graduate diploma from the University of Canterbury in Child Psychology and has spent several years working in Acute Mental Health before following his dream to work with youth in the outdoors.

Having lived experience of Mental Health, Mac is passionate about proving that anyone can overcome any adversity with the right help and support.


He has a boundless enthusiasm for mentoring and showing young people the possibilities that exist on their doorstep.

Sophie Fearn


Sophie Website photo.2

Sophie is a nature enthusiast who finds solace in the great outdoors. Her day commences with a tranquil stroll along the beach, basking in the awe-inspiring spectacle of a sunrise, accompanied by her cherished husband and loyal Blue Heeler companion, Phoebe.

Among Sophie’s diverse range of hobbies are snowboarding, tramping, walking, boxing, and Olympic weightlifting.

For the past seven years, Sophie has devoted herself to working with high-risk youth within a secure facility in Calgary, Canada. Driven by a firm belief in the inherent potential of every young individual, she finds gratification in empowering them to transform their lives. Sophie firmly espouses the notion that through the natural world, young people can forge a profound connection with their true selves, unravelling their hidden capabilities and authentic identities.

Sophie’s academic pursuits led her to study a Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree from Swinburne University. In her leisure time, she relishes the company of her husband and her beloved canine companion, Phoebe. Furthermore, Sophie’s adventurous spirit extends to her culinary interests, as she enthusiastically explores new flavours and gastronomic experiences, earning her the title of a bona fide foodie.

Ken Tofilau


Ken loves his sports, where its rugby, tennis, basketball or volleyball, any sport really! From age 18 he spent 4 years playing professional rugby league in Australia and working as a Support and Disability worker. Since returning to Christchurch, he has been playing rugby league for the Halswell hornets and continued working in the youth sector at a Youth Justice residence. Working in Youth Justice ken has become really passionate about helping and supporting young people on their journey and working for better outcomes. He has now joined 180 degrees and looking forward to using his experience to build and encourage young people to bring out the best in them.